Vietnam cement tile corp

Vietnam cement tile corp

About CTS

Vietnam Cement Tile Company Limited founded in 1988 in the central province of Quang Ngai, Vietnam, specializing in manufacturing and supplying cement tiles. At beginning, we were a cement tile manufacturing facility run by our family. With strength of our family’s traditional craftsmanship in making cement tiles, we have been making high quality cement tiles with various designs and fine patterns. Therefore, our cement tile products drastically took the market in Vietnam. And export to 30 country.

In 1990s, encaustic cement tiles were considered as an aspect of Vietnamese culture included in each architecture. However, in the period of 1990-2005 when ceramic tile manufacturing industry developed and trend in using ceramic tiles occurred in Vietnam, encaustic cement tiles fell into oblivion and conceded the market to ceramic tiles. We are those who love and preserve Vietnamese culture, we had concerns and looked for a way to recover traditional cement tile products.

Until 2012, we attempted to recover our traditional handicraft in making cement tile products, and therefore CTS cement tiles came back the market. In addition to traditional craftsmanship and creativeness of craftsmen, we have sought and applied modern technologies to the production process. As a result, weak points of previous cement tiles have been corrected.

Our CTS cement tiles have been appreciated by customers for both their quality and designs. Our output of cement tiles could not be sufficient in meeting demand of customers inside and outside Quang Ngai province. In 2014, we made a strategic decision building up our second factory of cement tile at “The Cradle of Vietnamese Pottery and Porcelain” in Binh Duong province. Our second factory has operated and manufactures a wide range of cement tiles to satisfy demand of local markets and for export markets. Also, we have opened our head office in Ho Chi Minh city for customer service in a convenient manner.

Our products have been exporting to markets, such as USA, UK, Austraulia, Singapore, Japan, Turkey, Netherland, France, America, China, Russia,… We are proud of bringing traditional Vietnamese cement tile products with good quality and various designs to local as well as international customers.

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Vietnam cement tile corp

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